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Series Overview

Our resources are divided into the following "series":

40 Minute
No homework, 6 week topical studies anyone can lead. Great for small groups with limited time. Self-contained format includes Scripture alongside text.

In and Out
For those who don't have enough time for Precept-Upon-Precept, the In and Out series is a streamlined approach to the same material which requires fewer hours of study time. The studies can be used with the Precept-Upon-Precept CDs and DVDs. Leaders would benefit from attending a Precept-Upon-Precept training day, but this is not compulsory.

New Inductive Study Series
Covers every book of the Bible. Personal or group study, 15-30 minutes of homework daily. Contain questions for group leaders and thoughts for the week for personal Bible study.

Lord Series
Easy-to-follow devotional studies on topical issues. Discover God’s answers to your deepest needs. Day-by-day format perfect for small group and discipleship settings.

In-depth inductive studies in an easy-to-follow loose-leaf format, for personal or group study. About 5 hour’s personal study per lesson, designed to be followed by a weekly group discussion (with optional CD/DVD lectures). Training required for group leaders (but not for personal study).

Discover for Yourself
Challenging, creative inductive studies for 8-12 year olds. Lively narratives, interactive questions and fun activities reinforce the truths the children are learning. Ideal for home devotionals, small groups and home schooling.

Perfect for student weekends or for use in weekly youth meetings.

Cookies on the Lower Shelf
A 3-part overview of the whole Bible.  Uses the same format as the "Sweeter than Chocolate" series.

Sweeter than Chocolate
Ideal for individual and small group study. Free Leader Guides available for web download — leader training not required! Flexible study format (3 levels of study) allows students to master the basics before digging deeper. Sidebars throughout the studies teach inductive skills.